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Best Kindle deals: Find the latest discounts on Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Oasis (Image: AMAZON • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS) This article contains affiliate links, we may receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Learn more

Looking for the best Amazon Kindle deals available today? You’re in the right place – in this guide, we’ve rounded up the latest discounts and deals on the immensely popular lineup of Readers. Whether you’re looking for the entry-level Amazon Kindle, refreshed earlier this year, Kindle Paperwhite, Paperwhite Signature Edition, Kindle Oasis, or all-new Kindle Scribe …we’ve got the latest UK pricing so you can find the best Kindle deal for you.

Not only that, but we’ve also got details about a clever trick to unlock millions of digital books to read on your new Kindle for free. Kindle Unlimited is a Netflix-like subscription service that includes bestsellers, critically-acclaimed novels, and non-fiction ebooks to read for a flat monthly fee. You can read any of these titles on your Kindle device, or using the Kindle app on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Amazon rotates the library of titles included with Kindle Unlimited on a regular basis, so you should always find new content from your favourite authors or in your favourite genre.

Kindle Unlimited usually costs £7.99 per month, however, for a limited time, Prime members can unlock a free Kindle Unlimited subscription for two months.

During that time, you can access millions of Kindle books that you’d usually need to buy individually from the Kindle Store. Cancel at any point during the two-month trial and you won’t be charged anything. As mentioned above, even if you don’t yet own a dedicated Kindle eReader, you can still read all of the books included in the subscription on other devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, Fire Tablets, and more.

If you’re not interested in Kindle Unlimited, Amazon regularly drops the price of Kindle ebooks. The company slashes the price of hundreds of digital books down to 99p each week, with the titles from best-selling authors regularly included in the bonanza. Check out the latest Kindle book deals to find your next pageturner – without paying full price.

If you’re looking to upgrade to new hardware, then you’re in luck. There are some brilliant deals to be found on the Kindle lineup at the moment. Better still, Amazon recently refreshed a number of its most popular Kindle models, so you’ll get new additions like higher-resolution e-ink displays and speedy USB-C charging.

We’ve got a comprehensive guide to the latest discounts and promotions on the Kindle lineup below, as well as answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions on these popular eReaders. Use the links to jump to the relevant section, or scroll down for the complete guide.

Best Amazon Kindle deals in October 2022

Amazon Kindle devices regularly enjoy price drops, with huge discounts available during blockbuster sale events, like Black Friday. But don’t worry if you don’t want to wait that long, retailers regularly discount these popular eReaders. Find the latest discounts on the Kindle lineup below…

Latest Amazon Kindle reviews

We’ve tested the best-selling Kindle eReaders in Amazon’s lineup, including the Paperwhite, Paperwhite Signature Edition, and Kindle Oasis. If you want more detail on an individual model before taking the plunge with the latest Kindle deals, check out our in-depth Kindle reviews below.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition review

What is an Amazon Kindle?

Kindle is the brand name for a range of devices dedicated to reading digital books. Amazon uses e-ink displays across its Kindle range which, as the name suggests, resembles a printed page. These touchscreens can only display in black-and-white, which helps to extend battery life into weeks and months. Kindle displays won’t reflect sunlight either – saving you from the blinding glare that plagues those trying to use their smartphones and tablets outdoors. A built-in backlight means you’ll be able to continue reading into the evening and night.

Some water-resistant Kindle models can withstand immersion in up to two-metres of fresh water for 60-minutes and 0.25-metres of seawater for up to 3 minutes. That means you’ll be able to read in the bath, on an inflatable in the sea, on a boat, in the swimming pool without any worries – something that definitely isn’t the case with a traditional paperback.

Kindle Paperwhite and Oasis (pictured) are water-resistant and can be used in the bath with no issue (Image: AMAZON)

Kindle readers can adjust the typeface, font size, and alignment of their ebooks. Amazon has added support for OpenDyslexic, a typeface designed to prevent some of the most common reading errors for those with dyslexia. Another feature, called Word Wise, will highlight the definition of tough words between the lines of books, so you won’t have to interrupt the flow of the book to find out the meaning behind a difficult word. Of course, if you do need to find the full definition, you can press and hold any word to search the built-in dictionary.

Wikipedia entries can also be summoned on Kindle, which should be useful when reading non-fiction books. And transactions are also supported for those reading in different languages.

X-Ray, which is available on all Kindle models, makes it easy to keep track of characters, places, and events in your book. So, if you come across a name you can’t remember – just tap it and the Kindle software will provide a quick prompt to remind you it is.

How do you buy books on Kindle?

Kindle owners can buy digital books from the Kindle Store, which is part of Amazon’s website.

Books can be bought directly from the Kindle eReader via Wi-Fi or 4G mobile networks on models with support for cellular, or from any web browser. If you buy a Kindle book on another device – a laptop, for example – you’ll still need an internet connection to your Kindle in order to download the title.

Unfortunately, Kindle owners aren’t able to buy or download books from rival digital bookshops. For example, Barnes and Noble has a thriving ebook store as does Rakuten. However, Kindle readers will be limited to Amazon’s offering. Given that Amazon manages the biggest digital book store, with more than 10 million titles, it’s not a bad store to be limited to.

Can you get discounts on Kindle books?

If you’ve never owned a Kindle before, you might be wondering how economical it will be to buy all of your books from Amazon’s digital bookshop. Fortunately, the company regularly discounts ebooks in its store. Every day, Amazon unveils a new Kindle Daily Deal – usually a popular bestseller, or critically-acclaimed non-fiction title.

As well as its Daily Deal, Amazon slashes the price of hundreds of digital books down to 99p each week, with the titles from best-selling authors regularly included in the bonanza. You can trawl through the latest selection of Kindle book deals to find your next pageturner – without paying full price.

Of course, these discounted ebooks won’t always be to your tastes. However, if you keep check out these promotions on a regular basis, you should soon be able to build-up a queue of Kindle ebooks on your eReader that you’ve wanted to read for a while …without paying more than 99p for each title.

As well as discounts, Amazon also offers a number of popular books for free. These tend to be classics, where the copyright has expired and these works are now in the public domain. Some of the best-known works to enter the public domain (and now be available to download from the Kindle Store at no cost) include The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway, The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie, and A Daughter of the Samurai by Etsu Inagaki Sugimoto, to name a few.

Amazon has also commissioned a number of popular authors, including Stephen King and Margaret Atwood, to write novellas that remain exclusive to the Kindle Store. So completionists will need to make the leap to digital books to read everything these authors have published.

Kindle Unlimited usually costs £7.99 per month, but you can access the service without paying (Image: AMAZON)

How to get Kindle Unlimited for free

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service available to Kindle readers that bundles millions of books and audiobooks for a flat monthly fee. You’ll be able to read as many titles as you can manage – with no limit on the number of books that can be downloaded to your eReader or device at the same time.

With an audiobook and ebook available for the same title, readers will be able to seamlessly move between the two formats, with Amazon’s clever WhisperSync technology keeping both synchronised. So, you can pause the audiobook …and your Kindle will immediately jump forward to the paragraph. Audiobooks can be played on your phone, Amazon Echo smart speaker, in-car entertainment system, Sonos speakers, tablets, and more.

Amazon usually charges £7.99 per month for Kindle Unlimited, but for a limited time, you can secure two months of the subscription service for free. Cancel at any time during the free trial period, and you’ll be charged nothing by Amazon. And of course, you’ll have two months to read as many bestsellers, pageturners, and non-fiction titles as you can manage!


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